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Get started
How do I start making money?
  • First of all you need to approve your site in an easy two-step process.
  • Create zones for each ad format you want to set up on your site.
  • Add the zone’s scripts on your site… and let the money roll in!!
How can I verify my site?
  • Find the verification tag on your Sites Menu for each new site or ones you still need to verify.
  • Add the tag on your site. You can easily add the tag into the header of your home page by copying/pasting the whole tag within the <HEAD> section of your home page.
  • Click on verify. We will then verify the tag is added on your site. If it isn’t properly added you will see an error message. You won’t be able to move forward until the site is properly verified.
  • Once the tag is verified, complete the site category and domain type.
What are the payment terms?
We work on billing 30 (monthly) and net 15. This means that you will get an automatic invoice with your monthly revenue and we will proceed with the payment 15 days later. Depending on your payment method you will receive your money around the 17th. We are flexible regarding the payment terms to help you improve and scale. If you request bi-weekly or weekly payment, please, contact us, as these terms are analysed on an individual account basis.
What is the minimum payment?
Our minimum payment is $100. If your monthly revenue does not reach the amount, your following month’s revenues will accumulate until we can proceed with the payment.
How does the billing work?
We will send you an automatic invoice with the monthly revenue, it will be generated at the beginning of the month. You don’t need to send us any invoice, we will take care of everything. After sending the invoice, we will proceed with the payment 15 days later.
Can I monetize all my international traffic?
Bidsmind offers 100% fill rate and worldwide coverage. You can send us all your traffic and we will always have a bid for it!
What ad formats can I use?
We offer the following ad formats:
  • Banners (300x50, 300x100, 300x250, 320x50, 320x480, 160x600, 728x90, 120x600, 250x250, 315x300, 468x60, 336x280)
  • Sticky banner (300x100, 728x90, 300x250)
  • Notification (320x50)
  • Slide-in (250x250, 300x250, 315x300)
  • Interstitial (800x600)
  • Direct URL
  • Pops
You can find further information about our formats here.
Can I monetize my mobile and desktop traffic?
YES! Even though we specialise in mobile monetisation, we also work with desktop/PC. We encourage you to test both types of traffic. Contact us for advice on how to maximize revenue in each case.
Referral program
What is the referral program?
If you bring a new webmaster to our platform we will give you a 5% referral fee on top of the revenue he/she generates during the first six months. For example: if your referral makes 500$ monthly, you will earn $25/month on top of that.
How can I join the referral program?
You go to “Referral program” on our Dashboard and use the link/ banners we offer to promote Bidsmind to your friends. Once a webmaster signs up through your link you will start earning an extra 5% of his/her revenue automatically.
Other questions
- Is Bidsmind compatible with AdSense or any other advertising platform?
Bidsmind ad formats are completely compatible with AdSense or any other advertising platform. In order to find the best model/setup to work on both platforms, please do not hesitate to contact us for our "secret tips"
New anti-adblock feature!!
Bidsmind has developed an anti-adblock solution in order to save our partner’s traffic which is not monetised, due to adblock programs. Adblock is a real issue as it´s a tool being used by more than 22% of the world’s smartphone users, effectively “blocking” publishers from generating about $22 billion in revenue.
Bidsmind’s anti-adblock system is very easy and efficient, just ask your account manager for more information or contact us at